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Management Team

Euro Healthcare is backed by a solid team of business veterans and group of management advisers who bring a wide range of expertise to its operations.


Key Executives


Mr. Amitava Das (India),
Chief Representative
A highly-skilled pharmaceutical specialist with more than twenty years of experience in the international marketing of healthcare products, Mr. Das is the chief representative of Euro Healthcare.  He has worked for several multi-national companies, garnering valuable management experience in the fast-growing pharmaceutical market of the Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and Pacific regions.


Mr. Narshimaha Mohan (Singapore)
A seasoned businessman with a Master's Degree in Chemistry, Mr. Mohan has more than twenty-four years of experience in the Chemical and Commodity Trading industry.  He is an expert in international trade and finance, with a strong network in the International Trade Associations and Commodity Traders.  Mr. Mohan is also skilled in handling corporate affairs and legal issues.


Board of Advisors
The Advisory Board is comprised of highly qualified experts in the Finance, Marketing, and Manufacturing sectors. Together, they possess many years of cross-cultural management experience.


Dr. Clemens Bechter (Germany)
Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Technology School of Management, Thailand; Partner, Asian EMERGENCE Project
Dr. Bechter is a highly experienced professional, possessing expertise in e-commerce, e-governance, and development of the electronic business environment.


Prof. H. Paul (Thailand)
Dean of SOM
Dean and Professor of the renowned international management school, S…O…M…  He is highly experienced in both manufacturing and management.


Dr. Fredric William Swierczek (United States)
Associate Professor Asian Institute of Technology School of Management, Thailand; Partner, Asian EMERGENCE Project
Professor of many international management institutions, managers of recruit. Specialises in cross-cultural management and corporate relationships.


Prof. N. Ravichandran (India)
Indian Institute of Management, India
Professor Ravichandran is Professor of Finance Management at the Indian Institute of Management.  A finance advisor to developing organizations, his expertise lies in providing tailor- made financial solutions.


Mr. Amit Kumar Sen MD, EIPWL, India.

Mr. R. Narayana, CPA, Singapore. 

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