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Euro Labo includes pharmaceutical formulations in major therapeutic classes.  Presently, Euro Labo holds more than 270 generic formulations approved by the exporting authorities as well as the importing authorities in countries where our products are sold.  We have another 150 generic products in the pipeline, which will be launched within the next two years.

Our branded generics are manufactured in several different plants: namely Euro Healthcare, Euro Labo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd., etc. all located in Southeast Asia.  Euro Labo uses the latest technology in the production of a wide variety of DẠNG BÀO CHẾs.  These include tablets, sustained release formulations, capsules, soft gelatin formulations, injectables, syrups (liquid & dry), suspension formulas (liquid and dry), pediatric drops, ophthalmic drops, topical gels, ointments and creams (click here [link to Euro Labo Creams and Ointments here] for a complete list), and many more.  For a complete list of Euro Labo products, click here (link to Euro Labo Excel spreadsheet).

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