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Both of our manufacturing plants are located in India.   The Euro Healthcare factory is situated in the northern part of India, in the state of Hariyana.  The Euro Labo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. factory is situated in the state of Gujarat in western India.  Both are well equipped with modern machinery and equipment, and are strengthened by efficient management and expertise.   Both the plants are approved by the Drug Authority of India, and the facilities are been granted WHO-GMP certificates.


Both factories are controlled by our registered office in Calcutta - India’s preferred business hub of today.  Our factories use state-of-the-art equipment in the production and quality control of its manufactured products.  These latest techniques are on par with international standards.  The facilities are regularly upgraded to keep in line with current good manufacturing practice followed the world over.


Euro Healthcare collaborates with different manufacturing facilities in India, Romania, Finland, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Korea to produce quality products that adhere to industry standards.

All the facilities strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines as specified by the World Health Organization.

All our factories provide medical equipment that is approved according to CE standards.  Most of the manufacturing environments in our factories are US FDA approved.


Our manufacturing equipment includes:

  • High-performance injection molding machinery with integrated control module
  • Fully automatic assembling and printing lines
  • Moulds/Tools department with most modern CNC-equipment
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